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Cody French is a well established athlete and model based in the Toronto area. As many young Canadian athletes do, Cody began his athletic journey through hockey and lacrosse. Though, he rose quite high in the ranks of lacrosse, he wouldn’t find his true athletic calling until he was nine years old. At the age of nine he began what would become an adventurous journey of a career in Skateboarding that would eventually lead to endeavours in modelling. Skateboarding gave him the opportunity to travel all over America competing in the some of the sport’s most prestigious competitions. A major early milestone for him was skating in the world famous Tampa Am contest in Florida in 2015, arguably the sports most famous amateur competition. Through one of his sponsors, West49 he would be given the chance to try out professional modelling. Since then he has modelled for various major clothing companies like BlueNotes. As for the future, Cody has various skateboarding and modelling related projects in the works, as well as some other very exciting ventures to keep an eye out for. You can keep updated with everything going on with Cody on the following social media platforms.


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